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■ Personal Information Protection Guidelines

We will handle your personal information as indicated below.
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Privacy Policy

Industrial Decisions, Inc.

Industrial Decisions, Inc. (IDI) establishes and announces the following guidelines for privacy policy (the policy) in handling, controlling and maintaining clients’ personal information.

Basic Policy

IDI recognizes that the protection and appropriate usage of personal information is an important social responsibility. When handling and using personal information, IDI maintains and protects it along with this basic policy and other company guidelines in addition to 'Personal Information Protection Law'.


IDI acquires clients' personal information in a most appropriate and lawful manner within the necessary scope of the business.

Purpose of usage

When using clients’ personal information, IDI specifies the purpose of the usage and handles it within the necessary scope in order to reach the purpose and does not use it beyond the purpose. If specific personal information is limited in its purpose of usage by legal imperatives or others, IDI uses it within the specified purposes.

Please click here for more information regarding the purpose of usage on handling clients’ personal information.

Limitation on providing the information to third parties

Unless it is agreed by the clients or it is legally permitted, IDI, in principal, does not provide clients' personal information to third parties. However, when IDI outsources the information within the necessary scope of reaching the purpose of usage, or when IDI co-uses the information with separately specified third parties or merged companies, IDI may provide it to third parties without clients’ consent.

Handling of sensitive information

IDI does not provide, use, and acquire clients’ sensitive information (political views, creed, participation in labor union, race, ethnic group, family origin, legal domicile, healthcare ) to third parties without clients' agreement in the necessary scope of pursuing business or outside of the legal imperatives.

Security and Maintenance

IDI tries its best to maintain and manage clients' personal information in a most accurate and latest condition. In the efforts of trying to prevent the leakage of information, IDI implements most appropriate security control measures. At the same time, IDI controls and manages its employees and business partners who handle clients’ personal information in a most appropriate manner.

Continuous Improvement

IDI makes regularly reviews of the Privacy Policy in accordance with the development of information technology and changes in social requirements as part of our efforts for continuous improvement.

Request for Disclosure

IDI takes a most appropriate and swift action on the request for modification, addition, deletion, stoppage of the use and providing information to third parties when the notice of the purpose of personal information usage, request for disclosure, and the content of retained personal information are contrary to the fact,

Options and Requests

IDI tries its best to take a faithful and swift action on your opinions and requests regarding the handling of personal information

Purpose of the usage of clients' personal information

Industrial Decisions, Inc., (IDI) confirms that it will only use clients' personal information within the necessary scope of pursing the following services and achieving the purposes. IDI does not use the information beyond the above scope. In accordance with Cabinet Office Ordinance regarding Financial Instruments Business, IDI neither uses nor provides the information of race, creed, family origin, legal domicile, healthcare and criminal background and other specific non-public information for purposes other than ensuring the appropriate operation of the business and others which are determined to be necessary. When the purpose of the usage of other specified personal information is limited based on the legal imperatives, IDI does not handle it except for the purpose specified.


Consulting Services

Services in gathering, processing and providing information for business management

Planning and implementing seminars and trainings

Advisory services on investment and business agency function prescribed in Financial Instruments and Exchange Law

Business and related business we can pursue under laws and ordinances (including business which will be admitted in the future)

Purpose of the usage at IDI

Hiring process

Providing information to third parties within the necessary scope of conducting appropriate business

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