Number of Available Positions
Job Description
Strategic Consultant
Financial Advisory (fund raising, financial restructuring, M&A strategy support, fund support, etc)
Annual Salary System (compensation amount dependent upon experience and skills)
Office Location
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays including year-end and New Years holidays, and annual paid leave.
Social insurance and commutation expenses to be provided
Selection Process
We will conduct interviews (about 3 to 4) for selected applicants.
Contacts Regarding Recruitment
Please send an email by using the contact form with your resume attached.


We are looking for talented people with high potential for growth and leadership. Potential candidates who are interested in the energy and environmental industry, who already have some experiences in the industry and challenge the new fields, or who aim at the career change are all welcome.

We wait for application from those who wish to build on their current skills and contribute to the further development of IDI Group.


1. What is your motive for joining IDI?

In the previous job at a financial institution, while I was doing research work on overseas energy and environment sectors and collecting the voices from private companies, I felt the difference in the business environment in Japan. Although each country has its specific factors in the energy industry, I feel that the energy industry can create some innovation in the future in Japan; therefore I joined IDI with the mind that I can also contribute to creating new business opportunities.

After coming back from my studies in overseas, I got very interested in the domestic energy industry and concentrated my recruiting activities in this sector. Among those companies I was interviewed, I focused on 3 points ;1) small company rather than big company, 2) the company which is doing business at its own risk or investing in businesses, 3) the company where I can learn more about the financial area. IDI is the company which satisfies all of my criteria.


2. What is required in IDI ?

Consulting and Advisory

What is required in IDI is not something written in the test books. You need to find solutions where there is no right or wrong answer. You need to have the work attitude to find new problems, and solutions by yourselves. It is important to come up with the story in which people can sympathize with and find solutions by committing yourselves.


Since the power of an individual is more required in overseas, I think it is important to have human skills and passion to do projects with local companies. By working for local projects, we are able to understand the real situation of the country, thus get real project information. This is the strength of IDI. We need to maintain this approach and make use of it to the fullest.

Emission Rights Business

In Japan, not many people know about emission rights business, and the professionals are seeing it dispassionately. However, it is important to pursue the job under the understanding that it is very useful and has added value which will be required in everyday life in the near future.

3. What should be done until you feel comfortable working at IDI ?

It is important to have some basic attitude such as saying hello and to learn new things from scratch. It is also important to know what you can do and cannot do and accept it, and start from there.

What is first required is the basic knowledge of the energy industry. You will need to learn basic terminology and current issues in the industry through newspapers and official information from government agencies. For the general tasks, you need to acquire knowledge in finance, economics, electric utility industry, and commodities’ markets. While learning a wide range of those areas, you need to develop deep knowledge in a specific field along the assigned projects. This way, you are able to learn in a most efficient way. The company is always challenging to the new fields of business, however, there are still a lot of know-hows from the previous projects. It is beneficial to go over the previous projects the company engaged in.

4. What is most challenging in IDI ?

I feel challenging to the fact that I am working in the area which is significant to the Japanese energy industry.
I can have a sense of achievement when I am involved in unique projects and find solutions, and have people sympathize with my stories.

IDI has the culture to give chances to the young people. I feel that is very challenging. I am doing a project management job at the moment, and involved in the level of tasks that other companies would never assign at my age.

I feel really motivated when I got my boss and my co-workers recognized my effort and also my achievement for the company. My boss is a kind of person who spends time to compliment his juniors when they achieve something and it can motivate me. My other co-workers also told me how they recognize my effort, which makes me always want to do my best and to improve myself. Another thing is when I had a hard negotiation with clients but I finally was able to achieve my goal for the company's sake.

5. When do you feel touch while working at IDI ?

When I am trying to come up with a solution with no right answers, or I am in doubt if there is a real answer to the problem, I feel very touch.

It gets very hard when I have tasks which require immediate attention and beyond my expectation. Not to be in that situation, it is necessary to control time, develop basic skills regularly, and expect the future tasks by taking a broad view of things.

It is often the case that you are not able to have the results within a short time since the energy and finance fields have long history, and require deeper knowledge. And to contribute to the creation of good infrastructure in the societly in a few decades, there are many cases where pretty simple tasks and patience are required. It can be stressful when I am not able to see the result of my efforts for the endless work.

6. What is most important in working at IDI ?

The most important points is being able to accept people’s advices. It is also important to keep in mind that you are being supported by others, and then you find the objectives of your life time work and pursue daily work toward realizing them.

At IDI, it is important to have the attitude to find your job and get yourself involved. It is also recommended that you have time for studying by investing in yourself outside of work.

It is important to do tasks in a clear cut manner and be ready for emergency situations which require special efforts. You also need to control your work volume by managing your own schedule properly. At the same time, you need to keep yourself fit.


What is the hiring process after sending the application?
First of all, we will review the resume. Then, we will ask the applicant to proceed to the first interview. There will be a couple more interview sessions by appropriate group of people and the final decision will be made.
Is there any possibility for overseas assignment or secondment?
It may be possibile to ask the employees to work at domestic and overseas group companies or to be sent to companies we invest. This will be determined considering indivisual’s preference and personal conditions.
What is the level of English required for working at the company?
It is necessary to have a certain level of English capability to be working in the global business environment. As long as you have basic English knowledge and education, we will provide you with the necessary environment in which you can develop your English skills.
Hiring foreigners and women
There is no discrimination on age, gender, nationality regarding hiring, compensation, and assignment of work.
We are actively looking for talented people with various backgrounds. We expect women to be working in a variety of fields.