IDI Policy

Leading advisory firm focusing
on the energy industry

Since inception, we have persistently contributed to the sound development of the energy sector, and have established a core management vision to contribute to the value maximization of our clients. Concurrently, in order to maintain our firm's attractiveness to professionals from various backgrounds and with various skills, we have been ceaselessly challenging ourselves to be new and innovative.

In accordance with such ideas, we established the below Mission Statement/IDI Values to become a professional firm that provides high-quality, value-added services to clients in the energy sector.

Top Message

I believe that Industrial Decisions, Inc. (IDI) must constantly be an organization that contributes to society.

We provide high-value consulting and financial advisory services to clients making persistent and significant contributions to the energy sector, and also to clients conducting business related to energy.

By setting our focus on the energy sector, we are able to grasp a deeper and more accurate understanding of the clients' intrinsic needs. In addition, our premise for our commitment to energy is not to be limited to Japan, but to capture the global trends of the energy sector. Having taken into account the macro trends, and combining our knowledge of the energy sector with consulting and finance expertise, we are confident in being able to provide value from a multilateral perspective.

In order to meet such needs, each and every person at IDI is focusing his/her passion on providing satisfactory services to our clients without allowing for compromise, and striving to provide services full of originality on a day-to-day basis.

We are an enterprise that truly grows together with our clients, and we are also an enterprise that will proactively take on any challenge regardless of the difficulty.

We aspire to devote ceaseless efforts in continuing our contribution to the energy sector and to Japanese industry.


Industrial Decisions (IDI) was established in January 2003 as Japan’s first advisory firm that specializes in the energy and environment sectors.

Unique Firm
The first and only advisory boutique in Japan that provides services specific to the energy sector.
Neutral Stance
The principal shareholder of IDI, Mizuho Securities, Co., Ltd, has fostered long-standing relationships with a wide range of companies in the energy sector. IDI will maintain this model of diverse network utilization and neutral stance as the backbone for providing its services.
Proven Track Record
In addition to our existing client base of electric power, gas, and oil companies, we have also worked with new entrants to the Japanese market. We have experience in a variety of projects including industry trend analysis, strategy formulation, and advisory services regarding business and capital alliances.

IDI supports the business development of clients in the energy and environment sectors by utilizing a business framework focused for these sectors.

Value provided by -Fusion of Energy and Finance
Talented people that possess over 10 years experience in the energy and environment sectors
Wide network and a wealth of consulting experience with the major players in the energy sector
Experience in building a business model combining energy and finance
In accordance with the clients' needs, IDI will combine its knowledge in energy and finance with its strength in consulting to provide a one-stop solution in the consulting, advisory, and fund management areas, to realize value-maximization for clients
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Company Information

Company Name
Industrial Decisions, Inc. (IDI)
Date of Establishment
January 22, 2003
Minamiaoyama Bright Square 9F, 2-26-1 Minamiaoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Isamu Tamura
Description of Business
Strategic Consulting
Financial Advisory
Research & Information Gathering
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd, and others